Just took 2nd time


So this time my test shut off at 130 first time shut off at 75.

This time

I had 30 SATA

2 med calc

two picture questions

One drag and put in order

and through out I had a ton of

priority, who would you see first and who would you discharge to make


I had none of this my first attempt. I hope this is a good sign I was in the higher level questions.

i wasnt confident in the answer of the question right before it turned off which is bothering me, but this test was completely different than first attempt having all the types of questions

Please pray for me I believe I passed and feel way better than my 1st attempt


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I'm praying! I take mine Monday for the second time. It's so nerve racking.


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I'm praying for you...it sounds like your chances are good.

Keep the faith and think positively.


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Good luck!!! I will soon be going thru what you are experiencing now since i too have to take the nclex a second time!


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Congrats! You pass for sure Im taking my 2nd attempt next week :)

Why do you think I passed for sure??