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just took nclex


Just took nclex, had 85 questions, and got the good pop up! I really hope this works. I was praying the whole time :)

did you have many sata? how about pharm questions and math questions were there many? OOOPPPS and Congrats

It seems to be very accurate I've never read or heard that it fails. How was your test and where did you test?


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Congratulations, RN!

God is great! I failed nclex yesterday !


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I just took mine today too and got the good pop-up!!! Yay!!

Congrats jlcain08!!


I tested in Dallas, Tx.. congrats to you too!

Beelady.. are you sure you failed? If so there is always next time and I will keep you in prayer!!

jayjaybsnrn, MSN, APRN

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CONGRATS! and good luck to your career!

Congrats jay...all the best,in your career