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Just received a Tungsten E have a few questions.

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A coworker of mine just gave me her Palm Tungsten E when she heard me saying I was looking into purchase a palm for school. She bought a Palm treo and had this laying around in her desk drawer. All she gave me with this was the charger. She has no idea where the USB, stylus or CD's are for this palm pilot.


Is this a good palm pilot for nursing school?

Is it easy to purchase the USB and Installation CD's? Where would I purchase?

She used to use this for calendar and to do items the only thing she downloaded was zagat. Should I purchase additional memory?

Thanks in advance for any info you are able to give me.

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MrsMommaRN has 2 years experience and specializes in orthopaedics.

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check out palms website and see if they offer replacement parts. i think there is an 800 number on the back of the palm.

if you want to download your drug books and other medical related items to your palm check the available memory. i have the tungsten t5 palm and did not have to add anymore memory to add programs.

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You can try Ebay as well, for palm stuff.

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