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I was just accepted to Centura Institute's LPN program! I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I am leaving my full time job to pursue the program. I am also a mother of a 4 year old, which is an added stress because I have to figure out how I am going to continue to support him while I attend school. Are there any other mothers out there that have overcome these obstacles? I am really scared, but hopeful for the future. Any words of wisdom are appreciated!



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:yeah:Congratulations. Before deciding on becoming an LPN, I have been a social service worker for a while which is why I know of these programs. I am not sure if you are a single mother and don't have any other support from family and friends, but one of the things that may help you (if you are not too proud to ask for help) is if you are collecting unemployment you can apply for a stimulus grant located at Workforce one stop centers that can help with the costs of school and it may not be much but is something. while you are on attendance at school you are not required to work after the six months of unemployment run out the benefits may be extended as long as you demonstrate that your will do good in school. you can also go to mybenefits.com webpage that can tell you if you may qualify for any other temporary benefits such as WIC for your baby or Food stamps etc. These programs are intended to help people temporarily it is just too bad that many people abuse them and make a whole life living out of them. (this causes many people that really need the help to be ashamed to ask for the assistance because of the bad rep.) If like most of us you have contributed to society and worked your whole life and had taxes taken out of your check every week for these programs why not used them ONLY if you have not other means. Best of luck :)



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i just received my letter from there about a week ago.......when do you start we might be starting atthe same time



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congrats to new nurses in school.

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