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Just accepted to maryville university np program!

by Loglesby87 Loglesby87 (New) New

Hi everyone! I was just accepted to maryville university's adult gerontology acute care np program, anyone recently been in this program that can give some insight/advice/encouragement? Anything to help? I'm so nervous and excited!

I am applying too, so I’ll be following this. My friend is doing his FNP there now and he likes it.

Hi there. I was just accepted to Maryville University. I will be doing the post masters certificate in acute care. How are you liking it so far? I start in the fall of 2019. Any advice will be appreciated.

How is it? I am planning on starting post masters certificate PMHNP late Summer at Maryville...I really hope its doable? Do you find it overwhelming? Thank you