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Junior year!

tori3195 tori3195 (New) New

I'm in a 4 year BSN program and I have made it through 2 years already but my junior year is stressing me out and it hasn't started yet!!! 2 weeks till classes start. I have a job as a patient sitter that I just started- I need to work to pay bills, but I'm super concerned about having time to study. Also I have no clue what to expect in my PEDs/maternity class and my psych class. Have any of you taken these classes and have any advice??

My school did things very differently so I don't have anything i could offer that would be of any help. But I will say look up Michael Linares on youtube. He has thousands of videos on basically everything in nursing. A lot are free but not all. But he is an incredible teacher... Don't get discouraged and just try your best. What's meant to be will always find its way ;)


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