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Johnson City pay for experienced nurses

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I'm wondering what the pay rates are around NE Tennessee for experienced nurses? Johnson City, Bristol, and Kingsport. I have 6 years Trauma ICU experience and am curious if the pay will be comperable to hospitals in Texas. My base pay in the Dallas area is 26 dollars an hour with experience then shift diffs on top of that. Any information about the hospitals in that area would be helpful as well. Thanks in advance for the help.

hi, sorry for the delayed reply, i haven't checked this board in a while.unfortunately i believe the salary is going to be much lower than what you make now, probably 22-23/hr to start, shift diff either 2.50-3.00 hr, plus wellmont has some kind of weekend diff and stuff now too.the cost of living here is probably lower than in tx though. call hr for both systems and directly ask them. if you want specific hospital info i can probably help, i have worked for both. pm me if you want

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