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Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing (MSN) Fall 2021


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Hi Everyone,

I wanted to start a thread for the Johns Hopkins Entry into Nursing MSN program for August 2021 applicants. I started my application this week, aiming to get it in well before the November 1st deadline . Anyone else??


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Hi everyone, I started my application as well, trying to meet the November 1st deadline. This a dream school, I hope to get in. 

How did you approach the Why Nursing prompt? Were you more factual or creative with your response?


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I have questions, I retook all of my science prerequisites because they were over five years old and to improve my grades in some of the prerequisites. Would nursing Cas average the classes or they will accept the most current classes? how does that work?


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I took a more factual approach to all of the question. I first started off creative but I felt like I was going around the world and not actually answering the question 


Regarding the essay, were you able to keep it to 300 words according to JH requirement? I am really having a hard time. I also noticed that NursingCAS has a 3000 character limit which is approximately 500 to 600 words. 

I kept everything to 300 words as the directions stated. 

Hi everyone, I am applying for Fall 2021 as well! Best of luck and hoping we all get in together 🙂

FuturePNP_32, CNA

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Hello all. I just finished and turned in my application. Nervous 😬