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John Muir MSICU - Bad job or not?

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First time poster but long-time lurker since about 2009-ish.

I'm an experienced nurse, primarily in Critical Care. I am planning to move to the San Francisco/East Bay area, and have interviewed and been offered a job at John Muir's MSICU. However, I'm feeling quite anxious about the move itself but also because I've been reading some concerning things about the culture and treatment of employees in John Muir's ICUs. In a nut shell, the ICU environment has been described as toxic, charge nurses as inept & favorite-playing to anyone who speaks out about concern for unsafe assignments, management as horrendous, and external hires being preferred for day shift positions over pre-existing night shift employees.

It doesn't sound like a good environment based on ancedotal reviews, but I also haven't been able to find good reviews for the ICU in general.

Does anyone have any experiences or information about the ICU at John Muir? Specifically the Walnut Creek location? I'd really appreciate it!

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how is it going?

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