Job Search Outside of State Lines/Licensing in Other States


Just wondering if anyone has any experience with applying for jobs in a state they are not licensed in. I am currently licensed in NJ and the job market here hasn't been so great so I have decided to look elsewhere. The only problem is, I don't really have a specific state I want to work in and I also don't want to narrow my search to only one state.

It seems like most places want a license in their state before the interview. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle this? Should I pick one state, get licensed there and hope for the best? Or should I just keep applying to places and see which states contact me? Right now I have just been writing "license pending" in whatever state the hospital is in but I have a feeling this is working against me.

I also still have under one year of nursing experience so it could be that too, I'm not sure. Any direction at all would be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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Look for compact states (check your board website or google). It is much easier to just endorse your license that way.