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job question, triage to amb surg center

aroyce aroyce (New) New

Has 5 years experience.

Seeking advice.... If I take a triage nursing job in the outpatient setting, will I be closing the

door on being able to get a job with a same day surgery or ambulatory surgery center (in a

couple of years, after I get my BSN)??

Thank you in advance for your input :)


Has 35 years experience.

I'm just kinda sorta guessing about what an out patient triage nurse does. But I think you will be closing the door

In pre-op ambulatory surgery excellent IV skills are required, (although I have heard some have anesthesia start the IV's), and is very fast paced. PACU ambulatory nursing, while waaaay less intense than acute care hospital PACU, usually prefer a nurse with some acute care, even ICU or PACU experience.