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job performance issues

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I am having job performance issues (according to my boss) which are likely due to a number of reasons. My boss says my voice is too loud and she can hear me down the hall when I am in a room talking to a patient. I don't know how she hears my voice coming from a room that I wasn't in, yet I am blamed for being in that room. My boss says that some family members have complained about me and I know that I am the person who you can read what I am thinking on my face, so I can't hide anything. In private my boss tells me that I have a lot of confidence and sometimes these family members can be put off by that.

I feel very burned out and frustrated because at the same time as the above, my boss also tells us to answer other people's call lights because we're getting audited for how long the call light is on. And you know, I also go into other people's rooms to stop IVs beeping or SCD machines from beeping.

The other part of my frustration is that I feel I do a very good job for my patients. I get a lot of positive feedback from my patients but it seems my boss doesn't see that or hear it. Sometimes it seems that my boss doesn't know anything good I've done unless I tell her -- because I can't count on my coworkers to say anything positive to my boss about me, although I know they've told me I've done something good or I've helped them in some way.

I also feel very stuck in this job because I've applied to other positions in the hospital system but have only gotten calls back just once. I don't know what these other managers know about me when I apply. Also, I don't do well working nights so that limits me from going to the ICU, etc. Also, OR wants experience yet they've hired a new grad (yes!). Any suggestions?

I've been looking for a new job for a while and hiring has been tight due to the economy plus these other units don't want to take on someone they have to train, it seems. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Talk to your boss about being the leader/champion of a quiet time initiative. When counseled, always ask fir specifics and involve HR.

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This job is not the right fit for you. Keep looking for the right match.

You sound like you are working hard in a situation where you are

not respected by your manager. Nursing is such that often you can not

count on coworkers to give you credit as well for a job well done.

These factors are related to management style and expectations of staff.

Management should encourage true teamwork and harmony.

If it is dysfunctional, keep moving on.

Try to find what you love in nursing. Join that nursing organization and

network. Take a class or ceus. Aim for a new goal.

:redbeatheListen to your heart.:redbeathe No one navigates your nursing journey but you. Improve on the

constructive criticism that is relevant and true. Disregard the game playing which can

prevent you from growing.....

Take good care of your health..

Best wishes for a new horizon.

Please keep us posted.

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