2 job offers...help!!!!!!!!

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I never imagined this happening....

I have 2 job offers on the table. One is FINALLY a hospital position BUT it's only part time. But there would be opportunities for bidding on full time in the future. It's pretty much a "foot in the door"...something I've been waiting for...for a year!!! Of course I'd have to work holidays and weekends like any hospital job would. Shifts could be 12 hrs. 7am-7pm OR 7pm to 7am.

The other opportunity is a full time school nurse position for a charter school. It comes with excellent benefits. I loveloveloved working in the school setting before....and I love being around kids. The hours would be ideal...M-F, no weekends, no holidays....yet I'd have to find something else in the summer...

RIGHT NOW...my priority is having a sane schedule that would allow me the most time with my family, MONEY is another priority...

I'm thinking the school nurse job definitely is something I'd LOVE....but I feel like I've been waiting for soooooo long for this hospital job that maybe I should hurry up and jump on that....

I don't know what I should do.

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Sounds like school nursing is what you really want. Anyway to do both? Working only weekends could be possible. The schedule would be RUFF!!! Sorry cant decide for you only you can do that.



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I am strongly leaning towards school nursing... I just think it would be so rewarding and would fit into my life better at this time. I have 2 children. I thought about what you said...and thought WHAT IF I took a per diem job at hospital? That may be an option. I may have to talk to someone there to see if they'd have a need. Thanks for input!! It always helps to get other nurse's opinions...



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School Nursing is the best to maintain a normal family life, not having to work 12 hr shifts, weekend, holidays and possible being on call. I guess it all depends on how much you need a higher income...because school nursing pays about 1/2 of what you would make in the hospital. I just accepted a school nurse position for all the reasons listed above...just wanted a more enjoyable work life and I'm fortunate that hubby has a good enough job to allow me to enjoy doing what I really enjoy. I previous worked as a life skills nurse at an elementary and it was great having the summers off and still get a paycheck.



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What type of questions do they ask during a school nurse interview I have one on Tuesday !!!!

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If you can afford it, do the school nursing job. Money isn't everything and if you work in the hospital you will get used to that pay and probably never be able to afford school nursing. I once left school nursing to make more money-big mistake. My health and family life were not worth the extra money. If you really can't afford it then go to the hospital. You may really like it!

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