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Job Market for New Grads-North Cali

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Hello all! I will be graduating this May with my BSN. I have decided to move back to Sacramento, due to child care issues in my area. I am happy to move back and have family support for my child. I am currently working as a LPN in LTC. I know many employers frown upon LTC experience, but I was also a Hospital Corpsman in the Navy.

I am just wondering if anyone has gotten any jobs in the area? I am open to all positions, I am not picky at all. I will take anything that can pay the average pay for the area. Any suggestions, leads, encouragement, I will take anything I can get.

I currently live in Sacramento and as a new grad, jobs are pretty scarce. The bigger hospitals like UCD Med and Sutter Memorial will have new grad programs but they are highly competitive. Do you have a ADN, BSN, or MSN degree? While the job outlook is a little better than the Bay Area it is still very scarce at best. If you know someone with pull in any of the hospitals that would greatly increase your chances in being looked at as a potential client. I wish you the best of luck in your search!

Thanks for your reply. I will have my BSN!