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Job market for educators

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by kat29 kat29 (New Member) New Member

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My husband may be taking a transfer to the Denver area (Lafayette) and our decision is hinged on whether I will be able to find a good position in the area. I am currently a faculty instructor and simulation lab coordinator in GA with 9 years ICU experience. I would like to stick to education since it's what I enjoy- I love most running a lab but it looks like those jobs are few/far between. I am MSN prepared so I'll most likely be limited to ADN programs or hospital based education.

Anyhow, we need to have an idea of the pay differences between GA and CO before we move forward with the transfer and I don't relish the idea of flying out for multiple interviews, just to be offered positions I can't afford to take. We already know that housing is 2-2.5X more expensive out there. Does anyone have an approximate range of what ADN Faculty, Clinical Adjunct Faculty and hospital educator salaries are in the northwest Denver, Lafayette, Loveland area? We'd need to be in a commutable distance of Lafayette (and whatever position I end up at).

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