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Job interview when to reveal past

dknurse74 dknurse74 (New) New

I am currently looking to get back into nursing after my license was on probation for 3 years after diverting medication. I was never criminally charged with anything, but if a potential employer were to look up my nursing license they would see my license was on probation. My license is fully restored to active without restrictions. I have been getting some interviews and have had mixed responses when I reveal this information. Should I reveal it at the end of the interview or once offered the position? I do not want the potential employer to think I am trying to hide anything, since they will find out anyway. Please advise!

It depends on the nature of the interview and how it feels. For the job I have now (outside of nursing but still working with Medicaid and vulnerable populations) I brought it up mid interview when they asked what uniquely qualifies me for the position. I used my history of addiction to help rather than hinder, disclosing that I myself have been in the position to be helped by others. Sometimes there isn't an easy flow. Some folks say don't do so until there is a job offer, some say during the interview, I think it changes depending on how it feels in the interview.