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JJC Nursing Books

Gsanch Gsanch (New) New

Hello all future JJC nursing students,

For anyone that has been accepted into the JJC Nursing program for the Spring 2015 term I have books available. I no longer have need for them as I have decided to withdraw from the program. It was an internal decision that I had been mulling over for weeks and just can't get into the scope of practice. The program at JJC is an excellent one, just wasn't right for me. With that said, I know how stressful financially the program can be and I am selling all my books that go along with the program. They are the newest edition, (except for the drug handbook which is 2014 ed.) and they are all in brand new condition with no wear and tear. These books are in prestige condition and we're well kept. I have already used the electronic access codes for the ebooks so unfortunately the physical copies are types I have. 9 books total. For the sake of typing in the forum I won't list all of the books and price. If interested, please email me at gsanch64@stu.jjc.edu and I will be happy to send pictures, pricing, and answer any questions about them.

Thank you, Geno