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JC and head cover


So the mock surveyors have decided that no hair whatsoever nor ears may be left uncovered in the OR. One nearly burst a hemorrhoid when I asked if I needed to tape over my eyebrows.

Utter BS.

When I pointed out that patients come to the OR beards and all without so much as a mask and many remain in that state of uncoverage for the duration of surgery, even total joint surgery, I got the "well, it's the patient's germs" in return.

I give up.

I like your recommendation of tape on the eyebrows... maybe that will gain traction there and become a policy...


Good luck dealing with that group of individuals.

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Nah, instead of tape over the eyebrows, everyone will have to wear the hoods/spacesuits that are worn for total joints. Of course, then all patients will need to be anesthetized in the preop area because the getups would freak them out.



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Like I always say... THOSE WHO CAN'T DO... CARRY A CLIPBOARD!:wtf: