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I've read on these pages before about LPNs getting special certifications through online and/or old fashioned textbook instruction.

I am interested in gaining certification to assist myself in advancing my career.

Would someone be kind enough to list specific websites or addresses where I can gain the information I am seeking.

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Hi, there. I'm glad you revived the topic of certifications for LPNs who wish to advance their careers and enrich their knowledge base.

I'm simply going to copy and paste an older post that was created by one of our site administrators (sirI) back in 2007. The information regarding certifications for LPNs remains relevant to this very day. We wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors!

national federation of licensed practical nurses - iv therapy and gerontology

developmental disabilities nurses association - developmental disabilities (dds)

prepared childbirth educators, inc. - clinical labor support specialist (cclss)

prepared childbirth educators, inc. - certified labor doula (cd)

prepared childbirth educators, inc. - certified breastfeeding counselor (cbc)

prepared childbirth educators, inc. - certified prenatal/postnatal fitness instructor

national association for practical nurse education and service, inc. (napnes) - certified long term care (cltc)

napnes - long term care re-certification

napnes - pharmacology certification

and, do not forget acls, pals, nrp;)



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great info! thanks for the share.


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Thank you for the information, I feel that obtaining additional knowledge and certification can never be a bad move!