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So I was admitted this past week with sepsis. The whole time I was, of course, on several antibiotics but also on IV Tylenol q6h. It drove me nuts that the nurses kept saying "oh, your temp is normal, no fever!" OK, so I started thinking about that...the fact that I DIDN'T have a fever by which to judge the efficacy of my other treatments. Is my thinking completely screwy or is it strange that the doctors wouldn't want to know if I was still spiking temps? I realize there are other indicators such as WBCs and other labs by which to judge progress...guess I'm just trying to understand the rationale behind continuous fever suppression even after discharge.

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If you have questions regarding your treatment, you need to discuss those questions with your own health care provider. It is against the TOS to ask for or give medical advice, including explaining rationale behind your personal experience.


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Rose_Queen is correct, please speak with your healthcare provider for we cannot provide the medical advice you require.

We hope you are feeling a lot better.

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