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IV Therapy - Totally Useless??????

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Karo nurse - and everyone - frankie here. by now, you guys know i work in iv therapy, but a clinic, not an iv team. when i worked in hospital, i always started my own ivs. i can see how an iv team has merrit - picc/ml insertion. decisions about which line for which drug based on patient assessment, pH of med, osmolality, and all that rot....but if the iv team doesn't act as a resource for the above and other iv matters, then why have them?

in the clinic, we are very open to assisting nurses in other areas of ambulatory care - oncology, rad. onc. , same day surgery, blood draws from ports/cvls that the lab techs can't do. so, we help our fellow units when possible. we will even go into surgery and insert a picc for patient while sedated - per MD request. and of course, we have to have enough staffing that day.

the iv team in hospital is not very responsive to the staff. they are not responsive to us. we want to have a smooth transition from in to out patient, but communication is rigid. the iv team in house is rigid. that's the big problem. if they could be a little more flexible, i think the hospital staff would appreciate them more. frankie

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