IV flush rate? SO confused, help!

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Hi, so I’m very confused about the flush rate for NS as primary. My hospital uses B Braun so I can set the NS as primary & abx as secondary for IVPB. I’m wondering what is the good rate for the NS to use as a flush after the meds? I do flush rate as 60mL/hr and VTBI as 30mL. I’m usually busy so that additional 30 mins give me enough time to prepare meds for my other pts, cluster care, etc. I also don’t want the pt to have fluid overload so is that a good rate? Or what is the good/usual flush rate that you set it to make sure the pt gets all the med?

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I set the primary to infuse at the same rate as the antibiotic.  For the piggyback volume, as all IV bags have some overfill I usually program 15% more than the labeled volume.  For the primary volume I usually program 30 mL on the primary.  The primary volume should be based on the tubing you are using.

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Flush runs at the same rate as the antibiotic (or whatever is the secondary)

Think about it - you're not giving the patient NS you're continuing the medication that's in the tubing. The medication hasn't completely infused until the flush is complete

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