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IV certified LVN - in Dermatology

by Rose00 Rose00 (New) New

Hi, I would like to know after acquiring IV certification and LVN license, am I a eligible to perform dermal fillers and laser skin treatments such as photo-facials for skincare under the supervision of a Dermatologist in California? I would not do Botox. Of course I would be taking first a training in how to perform these procedures which cost extra and gives certification. I'm a also licensed Esthetician with experience in medical peels etc. for over 5years.

I just can not find any information, if an LVN with IV certification can do this in california. Logically, if can withdraw blood and poke in the skin, I should be o.k. with dermal fillers, but with all this laws what is logical???

I hope someone has experience and can enlighten me. I would really really appreciate.