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ISO Snappy Title


Howdy! I'm graduating in five weeks and I am in the process of completing my transition course. I have to create a program to help postop patients decrease their chances of becoming constipated (increasing fluid consumption, dietary fiber, activity, etc.) and I need a tasteful and creative title (think "Keep it movin'!"). CAN YOU HELP? Thanks!

Medic/Nurse specializes in Flight, ER, Transport, ICU/Critical Care.

i am sooooo sorry for this but, until others cross my mind ;)

the first thing i though of was:

a bloated cartoonish chicken,

with the "headline"

avoid the bowel fowl!

i know. its bad.

go with yours!


elcue specializes in OR, transplants,GYN oncology.

Keep It Movin' gets my vote!


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