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ISE textbooks

by Schannah Schannah (New) New

I haven't been in school in years and have finally decided to start my prereqs for the RN bridge. I thought I would save money by looking at other sites for cheaper textbooks. I found my A&P textbook on a website called "prioritytextbooks.com" and they sent me an international student version. It looks the same, but has a different ISBN. Has anyone ever used ISE textbooks here in the US? My class starts in a week!

Also, does anyone have suggestions where to find affordable textbboks so I don't make the same mistake again?

Thanks for any info!

HappyCoffee, CNA

Has 2 years experience.

I have used international student books before. The ones I had were exactly the same as the US version, but sometimes in black and white instead of color. These books are being sold in other English speaking countries such as India. I actually actively look for them because they are so much cheaper than the US version.