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Is it worth it?

I am finishing up my first year in may. I have absolutely nothing to do all summer as far as classes go, but I don't want to stop learning. Any suggestions? Any magazines that I should subscribe to? Any musts? I am eventually wanting to be a midwife and would love to read about OB/GYN nursing? Also, is it worth it to get a NCLEX-RN study guide and start to work through that or should I just wait until next spring to start on that?


marilynmom, LPN, NP

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There are a lot on books and sites online about Midwifery you could read. I can't remember any off hand and Im noton my home computer where they are all bookmarked but they should not be hard to find with just a search. There are some good books as well about Midwifery.


Why not get a job as a nurse extern. Plenty of hospitals hire nursing students that have had some clinical experience. It is a good recruitment tool. Also, ask to work in OB/GYN. Good Luck!

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