Is this a Violation?

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I’m curious if this constitutes as a HIPAA violation. I was looking over my patients chart and noticed their address had a long unusual name. I entered the address in Google to confirm that said address matched what was in the chart. After I confirmed it, I started looking at addresses in the surrounding areas, browsing houses. After about 5 minutes my mind went “wait a minute isn’t this a HIPAA violation” and exited out of the site and resumed my charting. I honestly feel like It was a violation not matter how long I was “browsing” for. I appreciate any input, I feel horrible and guilty for allowing this to happen.

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In your own words, what is a HIPAA violation, generally speaking?


Taylors33, ADN

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 A HIPAA violation is when colleagues share a patients information with individuals not involved in my or others care. Posting private patient information to social media platforms. Leaving patient information lying around. Or opening a patient records that you are not involved with. 


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Your common sense alerted you when you started crossing some boundaries. Then you were self-aware enough to stop looking up where this person lives and get back to work.

I wouldn't call nosiness a HIPPA violation, and you seem to have learned your lesson. Forgive yourself and move on.


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Not a HIPAA violation.




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You didn't identify personal information to anyone else. No violation. There have been times I've searched the obituary of patients I cared for to learn more about them. Never shared with anyone that I cared for them, or searched and left pages open for others to see. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. 

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However there are other violations of privacy to be considered. What if you found out that the person's home was in a bad section of town/wealthy area and (subconsciously even) made judgments about them based on that - I can see for some that could factor into the care-giving. 

You did the right thing getting out of there, but there isn't any compliance issue

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Not HIPAA but not professional.

As a patient I would not like this.