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Is the Shortage of Hospital Registered Nurses Getting Better or Worse?

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see these two nursing economics journal articles posted at medscape.com

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selections from 2005 - volume 23, number 2

is the shortage of hospital registered nurses getting better or worse? findings from two recent national surveys of rns

...although the nurse labor market has been the subject of extensive analysis, few studies have sought the input and perspective of national, random samples of rns. the recent increases in employment and earnings of hospital rns raise several questions regarding how rns perceive the shortage. do nurses think the shortage is easing? how do rns perceive the shortage is affecting nursing practice and hospitals? is the workplace environment in hospitals improving? what do rns think are the causes and solutions to the ongoing nursing shortage? these questions and other issues concerned with the nursing shortage are addressed by comparing results of two national surveys of rns. the first was completed in 2002 during the height of the current shortage, and the second survey was conducted in 2004 following the increase in earnings and employment of hospital rns.

six-part series on the state of the rn workforce in the united states

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