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Ok I'm getting scarred. I start my clinicals soon, and after some of the things I have heard I don't know if I want to be a nurse. I currently am a CNA at a nursing home, and I am a perfectionist when it comes to my patients care. I'm not saying that I'm perfect but I do take excellent care of my patients and I feel good about it when I go home. My patients come first then I stay after the shift to do my charting. When I become a nurse I want to work in a hospital. But I have heard that if I try to do everything the right way there that I will be living at the hospital due to the amount of charting I will have to stay and do. I am NOT willing to take short cuts with my patients care if it's potientually endangering their lives, and I am sure that some of you know what I'm talking about if you have a background in healthcare. I will tell managment what needs to be done and the correct way to do it. But alot of people tell me that I won't last long at these jobs if I don't just go with the flow. But it's my license on the line and the patients life. What will happen to a nurse this in the real word of nursing?:stone


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No perfection is not possible. BUT considering how you are working as a CNA and how well you are doing, I think you are worrying yourself needlessly. Until you are actually working as an RN, you are only projecting what will go on. I think you may surprise yourself, and with your background, you will have more experience in what needs to get done. Your clinicals will give you the experience that you don't have to best take care of your duties.

the last perfect person was crucified, IMO.

and as far as telling management what needs to be done and the correct way to do it.... :chuckle :chuckle best of luck cause i don't believe you will last long because in my experience you don't tell management anything. it's usually the other way around.


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it's a hard task to learn, but that's what support staff are there for...........utilize others who may catch something you miss, and it does happen. When you are responsible for 6 pts with assessments, meds, treatments, drsg changes, as well as dealing with docs, your cna's are the singlemost important people to have!!!! Why don't they get paid more anyway?


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Nursing is one of those professions in which there is no such thing as perfection. Each day brings its own trials and tribulations, just as each patient will have different needs. You simply do the best you can with what time and supplies you have. Never forget the passion and desire you have for providing the best care possible for your patients, some quickly lose sight of this under the harsh reality of nurse-patient ratios and time constraints......

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