Is Medicare certification equivalent to AAAHC or Joint Commission Accreditation?


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I have looked at a number of surgery center websites and some of them do not even display their credentials. Some others talk about getting Medicare certification but do not display this on their website. I was trying to find out if Medicare certification serves as a substitute for accreditation from AAAHC or Joint Commission accreditation and if this would be why a surgery center would talk only about Medicare certification and not about being accredited by AAAHC or any other entities. I also do not see why so many centers do not even display any credentials on their website and instead are full of propaganda. The propaganda can be insulting with no mention of accreditations.


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No, a facility can have Medicare certification and not JCAHO. I don't know about AAAHC.

Are you looking for a place to work? Or a place to have a procedure done?

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The Joint Commission is a group that provides medicare accreditation on behalf on Medicare. Medicare does not perform it's own accreditation, hospitals can either self-evaluate for medicare accreditation or use a third party evaluator, with the Joint Commission being one of those third party evaluators.