Is it too late to try UNLVs nursing program?

by Cmunro208 Cmunro208 (New) New

Hi there! I am new to all nurses so please excuse me if I am positing this question in the wrong area. I am currently a student at UNLV in Las Vegas I have been attending school for about a year and a half, I was attending the hospitality management program in which has a very low gpa entrance requirement (2.0) therefore I don't have the best gpa around. But I am willing to retake classes and do whatever I have to do to get my GPA up to get accepted to UNLVs nursing program. I believe that I have what it takes, I am willing to retake classes, I have nothing from stopping me from trying to get into the program. But I was wondering if anyone can tell me how this works? I have only failed one class but there are a few that I would like to boost from C's to A's to boost my GPA. Can anyone tell me if I still have a shot at getting accepted if I retake courses?

all comments are greatly appreciated!