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Is it hard to transition to Medical-Surgical Nursing after working subacute?

by Lucas Ferreira Lucas Ferreira (New) New

Dear Nurses,

I am currently a new grad in Massachusetts. I have an ADN and am currently working on my bachelor’s.

it is frustrating to want to work in acute care and only finding closed doors because of lack of experience and not having that “BSN” next to my name. But, I did know that it wouldn’t be an easy task finding a job in acute care, because I have 0 experience.

I got a job offer for a rehab hospital here in mass, and I know that I will be able to gain a lot of experience because the facility offers a lot of IV, trache care, G tubes, vent care, wound and etc.

Would you think that I’ll have a hard time making the transition to Medical-Surgical Nursing when I finish my bachelor’s? I wanted to stay there for a year and I know that sometimes hospitals hire CNA’s with previous patient care experience, so why wouldn’t they hire someone working subacute?

I have gotten offers for dialysis jobs, but after talking with my professors they said for me not to go because of unsafe conditions and that students normally quit after 3 weeks. I do know that in dialysis I won’t be practicing my skills a lot because most of the role is management-like.

What are your thoughts?

Thank you for your tome!