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Is getting an ADN a good decision or should I focus on a BSN?

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I'm a pre-nursing student. My school offers an associate degree and  I do have the option to gain it. Is gaining an associate degree in nursing a good decision since I will probably get a job with it while working on my bachelor's? or should I only focus on a bachelor's so I don't confuse myself?

Dear ADN or BSN

There have been many attempts to have a Bachelor’s as an entry degree into nursing.  In fact, in December 2017, New York’s governor signed into law a requirement that nurses need a BSN within 10 years of initial licensure.  The push for BSN licensure has been batted around for a long time but New York is the first state that has implemented this requirement.

Not knowing in what state you reside, one thing to look into is “Do Associate degree nurses get paid the same as Bachelor’s prepared nurses? Does your potential employer have a tuition reimbursement program for you to continue your education to obtain your Bachelor’s degree? Lastly, look at yourself and ask yourself whether you will be able to finish your BSN while working.  Some people need to just concentrate on school rather than trying to combine school with work. It’s an individual decision where you need to look at the pros and cons thoroughly.

Good luck with your decision.


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It really depends on the job market where you're hoping to work.  Are there a lot of jobs that specify BSN only?  Will employers hire ADNs but require BSN by a certain time?  Will they help with tuition if they do?

Do you think you would be able to complete schoolwork while working, or would it be better for you to get it over with at once?  Can you afford to be in school 4 straight years or would it be more doable to start working sooner?

I would seriously look into the job market where you hope to work for the best clue as to what's best for you.  Good luck.

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