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Is there a correlation b/t selectivity vs. graduation rate?

by EmilyMW2020 EmilyMW2020 (New) New Pre-Student

I have been looking at a handful of different BS --> MSN direct entry programs lately and one website I came across provides the admission and graduation percentages.

There seems to be a trend with schools having a high percentage of admission, but lower percentage of graduating students and vice versa.

Why do you think that is? Do you agree or disagree based on experience? Do you think the NCLEX pass rate would be a more important than graduating students (since some students graduate but never pass exams / boards) ?

This will help me narrow down some of the program choices I am sorting through.



In my opinion, the graduation rate and passing rate for the NCLEX is most important!

I was thinking the same. What would you say is a good cut off percentage for number of students that graduate? ex. 70% ^ ?