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Is it bad to hold my place at one school, while still waiting for acceptances?


I was accepted to one of my programs and I am thrilled, but I am still waiting to hear from two of my top schools. Both may not send acceptances out until after my deposit for this school is due. I know if I put it down I won't get it back, but I am worried. I don't want to gamble and not hold my spot just incase I don't get in to this other schools. Is this a bad idea?

Why would it be a bad idea? Pay your deposit and act as if this is the program you are going to attend, unless and until another opportunity presents itself. Then decide which program you prefer. But until you have that decision to make, you will not have that decision to make. Simple.


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Like caliotter3 said, pay and wait. You have to protect what you have...

Thank you! I didn't know if it was like not proper etiquette or something!