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Is anyone really knowledgeable about the DNP?


Is it certain that the DNP will be required to become a nurse practitioner?

I have read about the DNP as a recommendation, and am unclear as to whether or

not it will be mandatory.

No one knows at this point. So far, it is a proposal by a few of the national nursing organizations, nothing more. That and 50 cents will get you a cup of coffee. There is certainly a lot of "chatter" about it, and the momentum seems to be in that direction. However, this is the same occupational group that has been talking about making the BSN the entry into (RN) practice for some 30 years now and we're not an inch closer to that actually happening than we were 30 years ago, SO ... :) (I'm such an old cynic at this point! (As opposed to earlier in my life, when I was a young cynic ... :)))

I did find one school that by 2010, will be phasing out all MSN programs, and only offering the DNP, if that tells you how far it's gone.

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