Is age 55 too old for NP program?


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Hello all,

What is the age limit to apply to NP program in your opinion? When do you think is too late to apply for NP program?

Is 50 late? 55?

What is the rate of success in this field for the nurses older than 50?

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Hello! My mom actually did PNP school in her 50s. I remember she said at first she was intimidated since she was one of the oldest there, and she definitely struggled with assignments since she was still a full time mom. 10 years later she’s crushing it as a PNP and she’s said her bedside experience for 30+ years (ICU, DOU, medsurg/tele) has helped her a lot even if she didn’t have much peds experience. When she felt like she was drowning, I would help her figure out her research papers/grammar and even my dad would step in sometimes to help succeed. Good luck!