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Is Adkins Academy a real program?

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Is Adkins Academy a real program?

I have been looking into exam prep programs and came across the Adkins Academy. (http://www.adkinsacademy.com/) They seem to have good reviews but I wanted to make sure they are not a scam. Does anyone have experience with them or know if they are legitimate? Any insight would be greatly appreciated. 

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I attempted the TEAS exam for the first time in March 2014. I had a lot going on personally, but still had purchased the ATI books/practice tests and put a fair amount of time into using them. I also used the Kaplan book. I had anticipated that my scores wouldn't be outstanding, but figured they'd be sufficient enough. I was wrong! I missed my school's required math score, and just barely met the others.

My school also only allowed a total of 2 attempts at the TEAS exam. Obviously I was under a LOT of pressure, and knew it was absolutely crucial for me to walk in prepared and confident in order to raise my scores. I searched endlessly online for various prep course options, and that's when I came across Adkins Academy for the first time.

I submitted an information request, and I was shocked that Dr. Adkin's called me personally not long afterwards-- in the evening time, after business hours. So I will admit that because of the late and quick personal phone call-- not to mention the steep ($1000) price tag-- I really thought I was being scammed at first! However I was desperate, had read many promising reviews, and appreciated that Dr. Adkin's was very thorough in answering all of my questions.I never felt pressured)! So luckily, in the end I made the right choice! IT WAS THE BEST $1000 I EVER SPENT! Honestly it is a lifesaver... IF you take the classes and information provided seriously! My scores increased so much more than I expected. In fact, the proctor for my exam even seemed surprised at how well I had done and congratulated me as I walked out! I remember feeling so relieved, and like I was on cloud nine.

Fast forward to today, and I am already graduating from my school's ADN program this Spring. I did not even hesitate to register for Dr. Adkin's NCLEX Prep course. I have been planning on using his NCLEX prep since before I even began nursing school, thanks to my experience with his TEAS program.

I'll share my own scores down below. If you're considering the Adkin's Academy, PLEASE do yourself a favor and go for it! You will not be sorry!!!


Attempt #1  -  March 2014

Test of Essential Academic Skills V 


TEAS Reading   81.0%

TEAS Mathematics   56.7%

TEAS Science   56.3%

TEAS English & Language Usage   63.3%


Attempt #2  -  October 2015

Test of Essential Academic Skills V Retake 1 


TEAS Reading   97.6%

TEAS Mathematics   76.7%

TEAS Science   75.0%

TEAS English & Language Usage   73.3%

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Yes it is so real and an eye opening to many of the tricks they use at teas exam to waste your time.I took the teas exam early January  and ofcourse I did not make it.Discouraged I went online and began searching  sites or books that can help me pass my exams the next time I take.Upon searching I stumbled  on the Adkins academy. I was sceptical at first and I remember  it was like 10pm that day and so I decided to to call the number which was provided on that website.I went ahead and called and behold Dr.Adkins picked the call.We had a good chat and he went ahead and asked me couple of questions so he could know better.Long story short I enrolled  in his class and I can tell you it was worth it.I passed my teas exam and I did extremely  well.Adkins academy is the place to go.You would not regret it.He will personally make sure you get the concepts and plus he has office hours where you can schedule  and tutor one on one with him.GO TO ADKINS ACADEMY .ITS THE PLACE TO GO.

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