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IRSC Spring 2017

Hey everyone! I am planning on applying to IRSC Spring 2017 RN nursing program. I already have my LPN license, so my first question is does anyone know how many credits transfer from my license? The next question is how are you studying for the NLN exam. I never took it before, so any tips? Anyone else going into the program? What is considered a good NLN exam score?

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GlitterShot, ADN, ASN, BSN

Has 1 years experience.

Lets help eachother get to know the pool of applicants so far this year. How have you guys been studying and how often? How many points do you guys have yet so far for your grades... Also what is your GPA?

My GPA is 3.4 i believe and my points for my grades add up to 26, how about you Glittershot?


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