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iPad Help NEEDED! (To buy or not to buy)


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I already have a Velocity Micro Cruz reader. Mom was so not happy about buying that. Right now it is nothing more than a toy. I can't get my books for school on it which was the main reason I convinced her to buy it for me. So it is basically useless. I am getting to the point where I resent the heck out of it. I want to get an iPad, but I know my mom won't buy it for me. I am going to have to get up the money to buy it for myself. I am also going to need new textbooks for my return to Nursing School. $870.00 She was not looking to spend that much on them. If any at all. I may have to find a way to buy my own textbooks as well. I was just wondering is the iPad a useful studying tool or, is it a toy? I know that evolve ONLY has an app for the ipad, iphone, ipod touch. If I can get an iPad that would be amazing, I can get notes and everything else, maybe I won't have to lug my huge freaking laptop everywhere. I am going to need a new laptop, but I was thinking if I can keep it cleaned off, then I won't need to get a new one, hopefully until I get out of nursing school. Helpful Advice and Apps for iPad, maybe you all can help me decide......:confused:

What do you all think will help me get through 2 years of nursing school, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB???? With all of My notes, powerpoints and lectures, word docs? I will actually use my laptop for my typed assignments. Or should I get a keyboard and a printer compatible with an iPad? HELP me make sense of everything PLEASE!


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My other option that I like is to get a Netbook. I have been research both. Advice please

I have a netbook for school and find it very useful. I considered the ipad, but didn't want the hassle of a separate keyboard; the netbook was also much cheaper. In class I usually have PowerPoint, OneNote, and Firefox running, without any performance slowdowns. If money is an issue, I would go with a netbook instead of an ipad.


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The ipad is a wonderful toy. Get a netbook. Light weight but more sturdy than the ipad.

For what it's worth, I love my Cruz reader. But then I bought it for enjoyment reading not textbooks and assignments. It's a toy that fits in my tote for books and if I can find free wifi, email checking. I never saw it for use as anything else.


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Since I wrote this last night, I have become obsessed with a way to "unlock" my droid velocity micro cruz ereader. I love mine too, but it is a huge pain that I can't get other software to run on it. Trying to fix that though.


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If you are concerned about getting your text on a mobile device, good luck! Most of the new texts are not supported and those that are tend to be a few years old. Remember, the publishers make money off printing in large volumes. No e-reader is there yet, not even the iPad.

There is hope. I have been much impressed with SkyScape. A student of mine had been given a brand new Washington Manual, a favorite of housestaff, internists and residents. I noted on the front cover, it was supported by SkyScape as an e-book. He knew I had an iPad and let me download the e-version. I am impressed and refer to it often. The e-version is a mirror of the book, only much easier to read (indexed, search, etc).

I bet most publishers will be on the bandwagon in a few years, but they will require you to buy the hardcopy first, then download to your device, pad/droid, etc. Good thing is, you can sell back as a used book and retain some value on your e-version.

I'm rather disappointed in the netbooks, esp the battery life and windows 7.


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Thanks guys. I don't want this to be my ONLY study tool. I was really looking at an iPad, cause it resembles cruz so much. Nevermind that the screen is 2 inches bigger. Our e-books from school, with Elsevier, come with four downloads 2 to Apple devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) and 2 to PC (netbook and my laptop which goes with me everywhere) However. I am looking for something that I can literally take with me everywhere. I can put my notes on it, the instructors lectures, my books, my syllabus. To be strictly used to help me study when I want to be more mobile than my 6-8 pound laptop allows me to be. With power outlet nearby, My laptop has everything above mentioned on it already. I am just looking for a smaller, even more mobile way to study on the go. Doctor's offices, that ridiculously long line, waiting for appointments, in my car (not while driving, but our instructors have their powerpoints with voice over and we get them at least a few days before the exam, so maybe I could listen to the voice over while driving) Something I can take when I'm spending all day at the barn with my horses and need a break. Any other help would be greatly appreciated.

I bought an Acer netbook when I studied abroad last summer and I LOVE it! Not only is it small and lightweight, but it also fits into a little sleeve in my backpack, and I don't have to worry about lugging my heavy 19" laptop case around. The battery life is GREAT-about 6-8 hours so that I can use it all day at school without having to bring the cord with me. I know that you can get a battery pack to enhance battery life, too. Plus, it has a camera for skype, and a memory card slot that fits my digital camera's chip. If I want to print something, all I do is plug in my printer into a USB slot. It's amazing, and it was only about $300 at Wal Mart. With an iPad, you'd have to buy all the extras (keyboard, etc) and it still wouldn't have all the capabilities of a computer.

The only downside that I've found to the netbook is that it doesn't have a disc drive. To put Word on it, I had to go to my school's help desk to borrow their external disc drive. I didn't mind so much, though because my school sells Microsoft office for $30. Otherwise you could just buy it online.

I love my Acer. In my opinion, it's way more practical, and more stuff is compatible with computers right now. Maybe in a few years when you're out of school, more things will be available for iPad and you could get one then. You'll probably have more money by then, too!

Just my opinion. Good luck!

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Okay, I'm even embarassed to write this, but here goes:

1. I have an Acer netbook - got it 3 years ago. Now it has a virus and doesn't work well.

2. I have an iPad which is the coolest toy ever - absolutely love it. However, can't use it for charting at work because of the compatibility issue

3. So, I have a new Mac Airbook 11.6 inch computer. It is a fully functional computer - I can hook it up to a printer, external drive, etc.. Very lightweight, long battery life and very nice overall. Very quick too - much quicker than anything else.

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i would want to buy an ipad but i think it would be great for students. anyway, i already got macbook.