New graduate paid MN board of Nursing, got job in Iowa

  1. How do I go about transferring my MN license, once obtained, to Iowa? Do I have to wait until I am officially licensed in Iowa or can I begin working with a MN license? The MN board of nursing is non-refundable. Should I begin the application process to IA board of nursing or wait until my MN license comes? My physical address is in MN but I will be moving to Iowa once I start the job. Thanks for any advice!
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  3. by   Reigen
    Minnesota is not a part of the compact licensing , therefore you will need to apply to Iowa for a RN license by endorsement, once you obtain your Minnesota License.

    Once you move to Iowa (making that state your permanent residence), your Iowa license will be a part of the compact states, your Minnesota license is only good for that state.
  4. by   kmoswald
    Thank you very much! Much more informative than the board of nursing website!
  5. by   Reigen
    You are very welcom. I am a well seasoned nurse (licensed over 31 years total) and have obtained licenses in many states. Check the Iowa Board of Nursing look for the area for licensure and find the endorsement one.

    I wish you the very best in your nursing career.