Licensure by Endorsement from IL to IA

  1. I hope to move to and work as RN in Cedar Falls IA next month. When can I expect to receive the license after submission of complete requirements to IA BON? How fast does IA BON process an application?

    I will be moving with my husband and two kids (age 5 and 8). Can you please recommend a good location to rent an apartment? Important considerations for me are peaceful neighborhood and a nearby elementary school with great rating.

    Thank you for the help in advance
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  3. by   linoleum
    You probably already know this answer since this post is so old, but it only took me about two weeks to get my Iowa RN license by endorsement. As for a place to stay, come rent my apartment! My husband and I are buying a house, but we have a lease until May.
  4. by   bebe13
    I haven't been able to get in the forum lately... Anyway, thank you for the info. I appreciate the offer as well.