Earning a ADN to work in the quad cities?

  1. I want to attend my local community college and earn my ADN. I just graduated high school and I will probably be on everything of the youngest in the program. I want to know, will I make less than someone with a BSN? What is usually the starting salary in the quad cities for an R.N. who just graduated from a local ADN program? I'm definitely not going into nursing for the money! But at the same time i would like to know if I'll make enough to live on my own, so I can move out of my parents house!
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  3. by   SuburbsGirl
    It depends on where you work. Genesis pays poorly, I think I heard they're starting new grads $24, but right now $26 more appropriate. I know Indianapolis Indiana starts at $24 and it is more expensive to live in the Quad cities. By the time you graduate that should be more like $27.