Dubuque, IC, CR, Davenport Hospitals?

  1. I'm familiar with some of the hospitals' reputations from a patient perspective, but not all and not from a nursing perspective. Does anyone have any comments on which hospitals are generally better environments for working? Which are "hot"? Which to avoid at all costs?

    I know St. Luke's in CR had a good patient reputation, better than Mercy's. I've read a few comments that Finley in Dubuque was NOT a good work environment.
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  3. by   island40
    SLH is a nice place to be a patient- no staff. MMC is better for staff but still a lot of politics and kowtowing to have longevity.
    Mercy IC is a nice little hospital for both staff and patients - not the acuity that you see elsewhere - no picc lines on the weekends for example.
    U of IA has a drawn out hiring process that can be difficult to navigate. Few nurses work for the same facility for their entire career - try something and if you don't like it for find something better leave on GOOD terms - don't burn a bridge so you can come back if you need/want to.
  4. by   haunani
    Thank you for all of that!