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  1. Does anyone happen to know if a misdemeanor for driving while suspended will prevent licensure?

    Thanks for any information
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  3. by   Mommabear07
    No it will not. I had the charge 2 years ago and I just passed my boards 2 weeks ago and already have a job. Good luck!
  4. by   II 04r6 II
    hey mommabear07, what state are you in or was that for? my best friend said she had 2 "guilty's" of driving while suspended license about 7 years ago. clean record ever since then.... she just got into a nursing program but have not started yet. we're worried for her getting licensed when that day comes around...
  5. by   Mommabear07
    Iowa. If she were to have an OWI or an abuse charge that is where problems arise. There was a girl in my class that had to "appeal" to the iowa state board of nursing because she had an OWI, but all she had to do was explain what had happened and that it was 5 years ago and she has grown up and learned some life lessons since then. She just passed her boards 2 weeks ago and already has a job.
    A driving while suspended charge is no biggie to these people. She'll be fine.