Any Traveling Nurses that live in Iowa?

  1. [font=lucida sans unicode]hello to everyone,

    [font=lucida sans unicode]i just was reading the thread on where everyone was from and i am from knoxville in south central iowa. i had worked at our local hospital for 13 years and last year decided to spread my wings and try a traveling nursing assignment. i just returned from an er assignment in north carolina and had a great experience, except for getting home sick the last couple of weeks. right now i am doing a contract locally so i could be home to get to see our family.

    [font=lucida sans unicode]thought it might be fun to see how many travelers are from iowa, where have you been on assignments and what experiences did you have? we took our rv on our assignment and it was great to have all your own things with you. what kind of housing did you get? have you done any travel assignments in iowa?

    [font=lucida sans unicode]anxious to hear from everyone.

    [font=lucida sans unicode]cris
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