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Iowa coalition pushes nursing workforce legislation


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iowa coalition pushes nursing workforce legislation

a new coalition called iowa needs nurses now is pushing for legislation to address the state's shortage of nurses. the legislation would create a data clearinghouse for workforce information and set up a financial infrastructure to support programs that address the issues of nursing faculty and clinical training sites. the iowa independent

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If Iowa wasn't so 'small town' it might attract more young people. Nurses train here and then move to Chicago for better pay, better working conditions and less smallmindedness.

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Have they thought of advertising? Lots of jobless new grads would probably jump at the chance to move to Iowa if they could get a job there.


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They may move to Chicago for better wages and faster pace of lifestyle, but as some of them grow older they will come to want the peaceful, slower pace of the farmlands of Iowa....

Personally I am from Iowa...... but I would like to know where the nursing shortage is...because I am a new grad and I would like a job!!


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I'm an old nurse in Iowa and while there may be a shortage of nurses there certainly aren't jobs. Iowa's pay is 2nd from the lowest in the nation, falling below even the US Virgin Islands. Our groceries, utilities, gasoline are comparable to national averages while salaries lag. Iowa not only exports farm products, it exports the young, talented, freshly educated.


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From what I can only describe as desperation, people on these boards would either take that 2nd lowest pay, or the situation isn't as bad as people make it out to be. I've heard more times than I can count how people are willing to locate for a nursing job.