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how long did it take for the Iowa BON to issue a license from being on a "Ready Issue" status?

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I received mine in less than two weeks after passing NCLEX. Have you looked on Nursys for your license? If you are listed on the site, your license number will appear there. I found my license number there before receiving the actual written notification.

I am not sure what "ready issue" means. You might want to call IBON to find our what it means.

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I have constantly checked nursys for my name and couldn't find it. Anyhow, it changed from "Pending Review" to "Ready Issue" on Thursday last week. I already sent them an email asking what that means. I just thought I'd ask if someone had gone through the same thing.


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It takes longer for Nursys to update. Your license number will appear on the Iowa BON first. I took mine on a Friday and had a license number by Monday. The actual license came in the mail later that week.



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I do hope I'll hear something from them this week.