Young, single mom stopping by!

  1. I am so excited to finally join! I hope to find some inspiration and, if I can, inspire others!

    A little about me!

    I'm 18 years old and proud single momma of an almost 4 month old baby boy who's the love of my life!heartbeat

    Despite all that I have been through, I consider myself very blessed. I am a abuse victim survivor and have a big support group of friends and family.

    I currently have my CNA which I recieved in highschool and I have an interview today actually at an assisted living facility, sooo excited!I plan on working 12 hour shift weekends (Saturday and Sunday) which I believe is a perfect schedule for school and family.

    I have very loving parents who I stay with and will allow me to stay until I graduate college, hopefully with my BSN . I start next year in Janurary, wish me luck!

    Any words of encouragement, advice, or questions are welcomed! God Bless!
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  3. by   akanini
    Many days you will want to give up. Studying may be stressful, but NEVER give up.

    Welcome to allnurses!
  4. by   SugarDonut
    Thank you! And yes unfotunatly me and studying butt heads sometimes . But I will work to improve on it.
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  6. by   Chris787n
    Woah! First of all welcome! I am also 18 (but a guy, with no kids) so i guess we arent to alike except the fact that we both may be starting around similar times! But from what ive seen it wont be easy especially with the more things you might be worrying about/have to take care of. But i give you props on trying to do something for yourself/family. The little one will see that as he grows up! (Just like my mom and me heh) But like said above, when you want to give up bcause im sure it wont be easy (but who said life was?) just remember this is when you need to be your strongest!
  7. by   Rob72
    God bless you and good luck, sis! You're clearly a very optimistic young lady with that screen-name, keep it up!

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