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  1. I am currently so overwhelmed with Informatics that I seldom have a moment to breathe!! However - it is a much needed "inspiration" around here they tell me... to breathe! I hope that there are others like me who after being SO excited to change from direct patient care to an actual desk job with access to the internet and all the goodies in life ALL day long, have realized that yes this job is challenging, yes, it is defintely interesting and expansion is inevitable... and YES I miss direct care of the patients. Oh man! I never get to see my desk for many reasons - I am always off traveling to learn new things about the job that I am never at - and then when I am here - there are so many fixes and requests that the training gets pushed to the side until further notice and then.... it just seems like NEVER when you actually get to use your training...
    Let me set the record straight before I go any further.... I am not unhappy - NOT AT ALL! I am just having one of those days (years):roll when things are overwhelming me... all the time. I am a very happy person almost all of the time! But I really think we need more than one clinical IS person in a 200 bed hospital. ENOUGH already! I am so happy to post to - Thanks for lending an eye(ear)!
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